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What Are Ancestors?

Most of us talk about ancestors as if it’s common knowledge that everyone should completely understand and be able to explain in details.

In trying to answer this question we always end up with a lot of unanswered questions because we tend to concentrate on the complexity of this subject rather than the logical and rational common sense.

Ancestors are the spirits of those that lived on this earth. When they come back to contact or affect us in our daily lives, it doesn’t matter how long ago they passed. As soon as they start to try and contact us that’s when we attach the word ancestors to them. It doesn’t matter how old they were when they died because even a spirit of an unborn child can come back to contact us.

Ancestors have an ability to affect our lives from the spiritual world. They are able to adjust and alter our daily lives in order to fulfil the purpose of living for that particular day and the rest of our lives. Ancestors come to us with things that only an attentive mind can notice.

My father missed a train that killed a lot of people in Effingham/KwaMashu many years ago, before I was even born. On the first day that my ancestors came through me, to speak to my dad, they asked him why he thinks he was saved from that accident on that particular day. Sometimes our daily lives are altered by minor things that we don’t’ even notice because we are not aware of these forces.

Yes, ancestors are a force that cross from the spiritual world to our physical world of the living. They are a force because, at times, they come across too strong and disturb us in our routines. This force is a form of energy which can be either positive or negative. At the point when this energy is neutral, ones’ life is not affected either way and this is the point where a person finds it hard to believe in ancestors.

Ancestors are the spirits, a power, a force and an energy.

This power comes from within as it communicates with the heart and then affects the way in which we think and make decisions in our lives. The problem is that we are not taught to follow our hearts from childhood.

When the spirits approach you, they bring with them the power that forces you to use the energy they offer to you.

When there is too much negative energy in the world, mother nature has her own way of balancing things out by providing some positive energy for every equal amount of negative energy. The more people are born, the more people die each day. There is always an equal but opposite reaction to every action.

The same thing happens with the ancestors:

Ancestors with powers come back in order to correct the mistakes we make unknowingly here on earth. They come back to warn us against dangers of using negative energy. They then ask us to balance things out by using positive energy to cancel out the negativity they find themselves in, on the other side.

The ancestors without powers also come back for some help. They ask their loved ones to cleanse them so that they can gain eternal peace. Some people have gone in and out of healers with the aim of trying to heal and cleanse themselves. We often make a mistake of concentrating too much on ourselves instead of dealing with the ancestors, the spirits, the powers, the forces and the energy that affects our lives.

When we concentrate on the energy we get better results as opposed to cleansing our own mortal bodies. Yes, we do cleanse the physical body but the emphasis is on touching the soul of a spirit with such a gesture. As we cleanse the physical body, we must also communicate and talk to the spirits as we try and acknowledge their presence and then ask for help.

These forces that we talk about apply to everybody in the world, the only difference is that we give it different names.

These forces are a universal language in which the soul speaks to us. We may call it ancestors, whilst others say it’s the spirit of God/Christ, it’s the energy points, chakra healing and even levels of consciousness etc…Even Yoga and meditation seeks to unlock these powers and correct the imbalance in the way these energies affects us.

These energies affect us in so many different ways, everyday of our lives. They manifest themselves in our tempers, feelings and mood swings. Sometimes we try to overcome these feelings but mostly they tend to control our fate…

Ancestors are just powers of the spirits which affect our lives and draw us closer to our destinies. We need to be aware of these forces that are all around us. We need to understand how this energy works in order to live harmonious lives.

Sometimes we become too involved with our own/personal needs that we forget to find the meaning of life. When you are chasing after your own goals but things seem to be impossible, have you ever stopped to think that may be that dream of yours is not your purpose in life?

Usually these forces/ ancestors come to affect us when we derail from our purpose in life. When you begin to realise your destiny that’s when these energies start to work for you.

These energies come to work with you in a form that you understand. This energy comes in a universal language in which the soul speaks to us. The soul is the source of all forms of life.

If one believes in ancestors, these forces will take a form of  ancestors to communicate with that person. In this way the soul uses the most effective form of communication to pass on messages.

So remember that the ancestors are not physical/human beings. They are a force/energy that can be interpreted in so many different languages, but at the end of the day, they speak only one universal language of the soul.

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