Ukuhlola ngama Thambo (Consulting with the Bones)

written by Nompumelelo Manana aka. Gogo Diningenkosi

Ukuhlola is divination process to consult someone through the guidance of the Spirit Guides. This process involves finding what the problem is with the patient, whether it be physical, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual ailments. We also seek solutions as to how the patient can be treated. All of this is done through the guidance of Amadlozi (Ancestors).

It's a safe space of action where you may receive alot of clarity of things going on in your life.

Dreamers receive validation through ukuhlola because they gain answers to questions of "Whys" and "Hows".

There are various ways to consult. One of these methods is Bone Throwing which is an ancient practise. The connection with iDlozi is very vital and plays a huge part in learning this method. Bone throwing is very spiritual and instinctive.

Bones are significant and represent those who have crossed over. This is because the bones are what is left of them here in the physical world and is what connects us to them. The bones used come from the goats, sheeps and cows. This is because when a Sangoma has gone through iNtwaso (Graduation) and Inguduso (returns home), goats/sheeps and a cow are involved during these rituals. These bones used in a consultation represent the Ancestors, family members and other people involved in the person's life.

Shells, dominoes, coins, stones are also incorporated. The shells and cowries represent the Water Spirits: AmaNdau and AmaNzunza.

Dominoes and dice are included because the numbers and colours have a meaning and illustrate what phase of your life you are going through. Coins, stones and crystals represent financial situations, gifted paths and luck. These meanings can change from time to time. Depending on the Spirits.

The patterns of the bones show us what the patient is going through and what the solution is to their problems. Spirits evolve on a daily basis. This is the same with the bones.

These tools are usually kept in a bag made of Animal skin which is used to protect the bones and to clear away bad energies.

Before one goes to consult with a Healer, whether it is with a Sangoma, Prophet or Medium, you have to phahla. To phahla is to communicate with the Ancestors. Let them know who and where you are going and ask them to go with you so that you receive the messages and guidance you need from them. Communicate to them that may the healer you are going to receive you and them (The Ancestors) and that this process goes well and the message gets received clearly.

The Bones are a guiding tool. They speak to us, through the spirit, all in favour of our well being. Bone throwing is always a practise to revert to when one is unsure and you need to receive clear information on a specific topic. The bones never lie. It is one of the best ways to receive affirmation.

Please note that it is important to connect to the healer that is right for you. That is chosen for you. Only the Ancestors can guide you. However, you have to listen and pay attention when they communicate to you through your intuition, your senses, even through dreams and visions. There are many ways the Ancestors communicate and guide you.

When you get to a place and you do not feel at ease or feel discomfort, that is not your place of healing. There's a difference between feeling nervous and feeling discomfort. This doesn't mean that the healer isn't powerful but that their methods don’t work for you and your Ancestors. If you do feel comfortable and feel more at home, then that is your place of healing.

It is important that we all receive healing and clarity of things that are going on in our lives. We have lost ourselves and are unaware of our culture, traditional practises and our true spiritual paths.

Follow the guidance of iDlozi. They will never fail you.

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